One Shining Blog Post

My upsets didn't happen. But USC losing to K-State completely messed up my bracket. I had USC in the Elite Eight. The Duke/Belmont game was by far the best game of the day, although I hate that the Bruins didn't get the win.

In my career field, I see lots of highlight videos and one of my biggest beefs has always been how much "One Shining Moment" sucks. (Scractch that - isn't very good. Sucks is a strong word.) The lyrics are dumb, it isn't really spectacular editing, and it's so cliche. Because highlight videos are NEVER cliche. Men LOVE "One Shining Moment" - they play it at their weddings. It's a power ballad.

Last night, at the request of my husband, we checked out Shining Moments from years past on YouTube. I found myself enjoying them and feeling the intended rush of emotion. I was kind of sining along to the lyrics. But I would not play it at my wedding.

We decided that 1987 was the best video - they have lots of footage of the losers before the actual highlight reel begins, and check out those short shorts!

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