Well Documented

I went for a run today. Four miles. Well, 4.19 miles. In an attempt to give myself something to look forward to, I tried out a new route. This one took me through the campus of UTC. I decided on this route because there is a really cool old cemetery and I wanted to check it out. It would be shady (literally, I mean. It's a very bright day here), and old graves are really interesting. But I went one block over too far and skirted the back edge of the Confederate Cemetery where there is a very tall, imposing fence. I almost backtracked, but I knew the meter at my car would be hitting zero soon enough.

I walked in the door and immediately wrote down my time, distance, pace, route, and misc. notes into my training log. Then I logged the mileage on an application that I added to my Facebook profile. Then, I plugged the Garmin into the computer to download all the exact same information into the Garmin Training Center program (gotta have those mile split times). Oh, and before the run, I mapped it out on Runstoppable. And now I am on Blogger to write all about it. The future generations are going to hate us. "You did stuff. WE GET IT."

I also wonder if my running is part of what is killing the planet. I drove to a park to start my run. I do way more laundry and for clothes that I have worn for maybe an hour at a time, I drink about 80 bazillion ounces of water a day, and I've taken two showers in a 9 hour span.

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