Like a Sieve

Ran three last night, got in a kettle bells class tonight. Tomorrow will thankfully be a rest day. Based on how shake-y my muscles were at the end of class tonight, I don't think I have much choice in the rest day thing. I was quite terrified I was going to spill right down the stairs on my jelly legs.

Enjoying some hockey finals tonight. I am pulling for the Pens. Being born and raised in Tennessee, I had no real concept of hockey ever. When I was a freshman in high school this one guy and his brother moved to our little town from some even smaller town in Wisconsin. They were hockey players. I gained a slight knowledge of the game. And by slight knowledge, I mean I learned some of the vocabulary - blue line, red line, pretty basic stuff.

I became a fan of the game after working for an NHL team a few years ago. The team I was working for happened to win the championship that year, so I got to be a part of something really cool. And the side-effect is that I am one of the like 50 people in this state that is enjoying the game tonight.

The Hubs just walked in the door - he'll be wanting to watch NBA I'm sure.

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