Behind closed doors

Left all alone for the weekend as her husband flits off to Nashville for a swim meet, the 37-week pregnant woman gets a bet bored. I'm never up at 11:23 pm, but I am afraid to go to bed. Afraid I will be awakened in the night by some sort of pregnancy/impending delivery pain, only to reach for hubs to say "honey, it's time" (just like in a 1950's sitcom, right?) only to remember that he is in a hotel two hours away. I promise I will do my best to reference this post and laugh heartily about my paranoia in 4 weeks when I am well-past my due date.

Okay, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and she assured me that bebe would be on the inside for a few more weeks at least, and to confidently send my husband away. But I have an over active imagination even when I'm not at the end of a pregnancy, so it's like 15 times worse now.

How am I staying busy? I just polished off the leftovers from my dinner. PastaRoni. Yeah, I guess if anything, I've had cravings for over-processed, easily-prepared, cardboard-boxed dinners. Man this stuff is good. And I've taken all of 3 pictures of my belly this whole pregnancy. So I put the handy-dandy Photobooth application to good use. That's Good Eats on the Food Network on in the background. AB is making a yellow cake ... mmmm, a yellow cake. You know, there is a 24-hour Wal-Mart (literally) about 1 mile from my home.

Well, Unwrapped is on now and they are touring a Milky Way candy bar factory. I'm set until midnight now at least.

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Melanie said...

What a cute picture!